21st June 2018

Why Man And Dog Are Friends


Why Man And Dog Are Friends


Nick Greaves

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Short Story

About the Story

This story is from a book of African legends It tells the story of how man and dogs became friends. In the beginning dog and jackal are friends. They hunted together, they drank together and they slept together. One night it was to cold for dog but jackal was fine.  As dog was too cold and uncomfortable he could not sleep and the fact that he and jackal didn’t catch anything to eat that day didn’t help. Because dog couldn’t sleep he was looking around when he saw a small glow in the distance. After getting a better look at it dog realised it was a fire from a human camp and he could smell old bones as well.  So dog ran back and told jackal what he found. Jackal was not particularly interested in it so he said that dog could go and steal some fire and old bones, and jackal would call him when it got too late to be running around. Dog went off to steal some fire. When he got close to the fire-place he was spotted be a man who picked up his spear, but before he could throw it dog said “Please don’t kill me. I only want to sit by your fire. When I’m warm I will leave and go back to the wild”. Man agreed to this so he went to his hut and left dog by the fire. After a time man stuck his head out of his hut and asked dog if he was warm yet. Dog said “not yet I’m still a bit cold”, so man ducked his heed back in his hut. As some more time passed man stuck his head out of his hut and said “are you done getting warm yet”, and dog replied with “not just yet”, so man stuck his head back in his hut again. Dog was actually already warm and he knew that if he over staid his welcome man would attack him to get rid of him so he walked over to the mans hut and scratched on the side of the hut. Man came out and looked at dog. Dog then said that he had actually been warm for a while now but he didn’t wont to go back to the wild so he will teach man how to track and how to find animals and that he would guard mans home as well as sounding an alarm if anyone comes. In exchange he wants to sit by mans fire and eat the scraps that man leaves. Man agreed to these terms and dogs have lived with people to this day.

Interesting characters

I didn’t find all the characters particularly interesting although I find the fact that Dog chose to compromise instead of just stealing some fire and old bones and making a run for it. He was willing to compromise with man, but why didn’t he say anything to Jackal. He might have decided  Man was more trustworthy than Jackal?

Challenges the characters had to overcome

Dog had to overcome his fear of man. Once the bitter cold and growling of his empty stomach got the better of him he became desperate and this made him go to mans fire, risking his life  if he was seen and man decided to kill him.

After man allowed him to stay dog’s second challenge was to find a way to stay there. He had to decide how he could convince man to let him stay by making a bargain that was useful to man.

Messages I took from the Text

The message I took from the text was that bargaining can get you more of what you want than taking what you want without asking. the bargain meant there would be compromises on both sides, but it would be worth it.

Who I would recommend this Book For

I would recommend this story for people who like the old legends about how things in our world came to be. Someone who enjoys old-fashioned values would also enjoy this book.


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