19th April 2018

Whisky Galore!

Title Whisky Galore

Director Gillies MacKinnon

Date release 2016 May 5

Type Movie

About the Story

This story takes place during W.W.2  on a little remote island called Toddy off the coast of Scotland. The island has been untouched by the war until the pub runs out of whisky and  can not get any more because it is not available for them to purchase under war conditions.

This lack of whisky matters because the island culture includes it in every day life as well as on any important occasion.

The island population… is a diverse group of people ranging from oddly bonkers to mildly mad who behave in very humorous and Scottish ways.

The situation develops when a ship with a cargo of 50,000 cases of whisky is wrecked on a rocky outcrop in full view of the island people. It then becomes a battle between the islanders, the customs and excise and the pompous officer of the home guard to get hold of the whisky. The lawmen on the island join forces with the population to hide the stolen whisky and to deceive those who would take it from them.

Within the plot are the love stories between Mr McCroon’s (the postmaster) daughters and the teacher George Campbell and Sergeant Todd, an officer  who had been in the North Africa campaign and was now assigned to the home guard to train them in the skills needed to keep the island out of German hands.

After many funny adventures the islanders manage to deceive all the officials who would take their whisky and keep it for themselves.

Interesting characters


Challenges the characters had to overcome


Messages I took from the Text


Who I would recommend this Film For


whisky is the water of life and to a true islander life without it isn’t worth living.

100 miles west of the mainland.

how are we supposed to have a wedding without  any whisky

captain Wagget is  beyond bonkers, mad, delusional and idiotic

priests steal wine from each other

Your George will soon enough be my George and i will not be sharing him. You will no longer control George or interfere in anything he does or use your sanctimonious  bible bashing to use as blackmail to his mild nature

SS Cabinet Minister carrying furniture for the Bahamas and whisky for New York 50000 cases.

if it ends up in Davy Jones’ locker it is an act of God if it ends up Joseph McCroons locker it is an act of thievery.



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