27th July 2018

speech prates

Is home wicker a wast of time student’s and teachers have the same argumen all over the wirlld.  her are sume of the resons for this argument.

A It is to eze to facke you can quit esil gow home and gust google the anser. or if you are smart enuth you can con a print, sibling or friend in to doing for you I have dun both of thoes in the past and you can get awe with it but you will get in alto of trouble wen you are cort.

B It interupts alto of athter school ativite such as sports, hobes and haing awt with frends. it can also restrict wot you dow awt side of school and if you leve it for to loing it cod piol up and then you have a manten of paper werck to do.

C 4 high schools in swindled dusided to run a tast for 1 yer with 3 classes in each yer grop. grop 1 got home werck gorp 2 got no home werck and the therd grop got an extre hewer of school. when the resolts cam in at the end of the yor the therd grop got the hiest grads. The homewrecker grop and the non homewrecker grop got the same grads proving that homewrecker was gust a wast of time. thee were sume inlomiles such as an over wrecking sodends and the stodents that did nuthing enwae. uther schools in the u.s.a and uerip have dun the same test and got similer risolts.

lets fase it techers give us home werck becos thay dont wont to deoll with us in class. and that ses alot abawit student behavior.

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