18th June 2018


Title Mort


Date release 12 November 1987

Type novil

Breth plot overview 

This is a store abawit a yuing boy how go’s to get a apprentice but the only inploer to tack eny internist was deth/the grimareper so he go’s to become deths apprentices. deth has the sterotickol imeg a tole sciny skeliten with black eyes and red retiner weeing a loing black hoded clock but deths dorter is sorte and fatenuth to be five uther pepol and wers loing whit flowy dresis and the butler is probily the most fames wezed how ever lived and he made a pacit with deth to ivod ding so he became deths butler. The uther cariters inclod a wized how neds to relly needs to lern sume clening spels a prinses howe acedently got killed bfor her time and naw is a gost but for peepol to no she exsits see has to have a roll reciniser to tell peepol were she is and wat she is doing the last character is deths hores wiche is alive whit and cold (drimat pose) bincke. 

Athter being hierd by deth morts fest job invovs coleting a wich rincarnating a prest and his larst persin he was sipost to collet for the the knit was sopst a prinses whih he had a cruch on but insed of grabing the prenes sole he grabt the sole of the assnie how was soposto kill the prinses. this converted the prinses in a gost and sent the asin to the athter life.          

Interesting characters

The lot 

I thort the deth was interesting beuacos if he is going to be arand forever whiy did he bover to get a aprentes and if he dusent get lonly so wiy wode he need to adopt a doter. Most of the desckipshern of deth show him as uptite and evoll and at the bigening he was lick that but over time he sofend and reurangd the fats of his dorte mort the docky wized and the prinses to give them all a hape ending.


Challenges the characters had to overcomes

Mort had to bet the part of him that was becoming death with sum help from deaths dorter e.g. see smack-it sum sens in to him litcherly. mort also had to find a way to bet reality and save the prinses.        

Messages I took from the Text

dont get heard by death 

sum times ethen the strides figers well let sum things slid if thay wont    

Who I would recommend this Book For

sume one how likes to lath and how likes Monte python becuaeos the huome is grat but not sow ese to under stand.   

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