15th May 2018

time riders

Title Time riders

Orether Alex scarrow

Date release 2010

Type novel

About the Story

This store is Babbitt three kids with nu-neck scales  the boy is cold liam O conill has a tolires to the athethets of time travel and has ability to adapt to cochrill changers Making him a god chow for the gob of time rider. sall has a incredible ibilty to spot changes in people building’s fashions and even clime t so she is the teme’s  spotter. mage is a gra’t investigator an

Interesting characters

a character i fawned interesting bob because his incredible pawithel and and ecliptic with a vistas am-ant of information as well as being incredible plus he can be relay funny. a nether character i fawned Interesting  was pole framer

Challenges the characters had to overcome

Messages I took from the Text

Who I would recommend this Film For

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