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Title The Wisdom Of Age – An Ovambo Tale Arthur Nick Greases Date release 2006 Type Short Story Brief Plot Overview This is a story about a young boy, in an African village who, through his birth right becomes king. His father, once a famous, old king ruled over his people for many years. He built a […]

Is home work a waste of time?  By waste of time I mean, doing homework does not help me learn. It is frustrating and makes me angry. Students and teachers have had this same argument all over the world.  Here are some of the reasons for this argument. A  At the end of a 6 hour […]

Title Why Man and Dog Are Friends an – An Ovambo Tale Author Nick Greaves Date release 2006 Type Short Story About the Story This story is from a series of books detailing African legends. These legends were started out as oral legends or spoken stories. The elders in the tribes would tell younger people these stories as a way […]

Title Mort Arthur Date release 12 November 1987 Type Novel Brief Plot Overview  This is a story about a young boy whose father does not know what to do with him. (by the way the father is really quite thick and the son is actually quite bright) An uncle suggests taking the boy to a fair […]

Title Time riders Arther. Alex Scarrow Date release 2010 Type Novel About the Story This story is about three kids with unique skills, who take on the role of “Time Riders”. The boy is called Liam O’Connor. He has a tolerance to the effects of time travel (it doesn’t harm him to the extent experienced by others) and […]

Title Whisky Galore Director Gillies MacKinnon Date release 2016 May 5 Type Movie About the Story This story takes place during W.W.2 on a little remote island called Toddy off the coast of Scotland. The island has been untouched by the war until the pub runs out of whisky and cannot get any more because it is not available for […]

(I am dun hand in) Title Ben-Hur Director Timur Bekmambetov Date release 18 August 2016 Type Movie About the Story The movie tells the tale of Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince from Jerusalem who is enslaved by the Romans after being betrayed by his adoptive brother Messala, a Roman officer. (Jesus Christ also factors into the movie). This […]